Canadian Travelling Momma

Key West, Florida

My 1st trip to the ocean was November 2002 when I was 18 years old. I was heartbroken after a break up and drove to Key West, Florida with my mom and step dad in a blue Ford Windstar which was nice and roomy.  
    We stayed one night at the Sheraton but it stunk so bad.  Apparently we were right across from the smelly beach.  So we stayed the rest of the time at the Hampton Inn right beside a 24 hour Wal Greens.  We had Chinese food at this one restaurant it was so much food that my mom gave some to the lady renting mopeds out front of the hotel.  
     I didn't have a license so I couldn't drive a moped my parents got one at a place called the moped hospital.   One day I was on the back with my Dave and I said I seen a chicken.  He didn't believe me until a couple days when we seen a bunch of roosters.  Clearly I didn't know my animals to well.  Lol. 
            We took a glass bottom boat to go look at coral which Key, West is known for.  Of course I got sick and never wanted to go on a boat again.   So me being the defiant teenager I was refused to go on the next excursion that was a boat ride.  I had no idea what I was in for and gave my mom such a hard time.  I took the medication for sea sickness right before we got on the boat and ended up getting sick right on the table with a man I didn't know sitting across from me.  They ended up making me go outside with everyone else who was sick.  The salt water was scratching my face, my hair was flying all over the 
It was November 2002 my parents and I packed up our Blue Ford Windstar.  We were on our 1st out of country family vacation. We drove from Kitchener, Ontario towards Michigan and a few other states. I don't remember anything exciting until we were  driving through Kentucky.  I know right....Kentucky how exciting it's all green grass and hills?  Kentucky is the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken! lol They wouldn't stop though.  One day I will make it there for the real deal.
                          The drive started to get awesome when we stopped at gas station in Atlanta.  The weather, the trees, the newness of being somewhere always hot.  Was a thrill and the start of my loving relationship with palm trees.   When we got to Florida I remember stopping at a gas station again it was another amazing feeling.  We were driving down an endless road of beautiful palm trees. 
          We got to Key West and what is one of the 1st things I see is a man walking with a dachshund my favourite breed of dog.  We checked into the Sheraton Hotel which stunk so bad we switched rooms.  It still smelled terrible so we checked into the Hampton Inn it was right beside a Walgreens it was great and 24 hours.  I don't think the Hampton Inn is there anymore; however I think they have a new one opening soon.   
  I will look into it and post it here.  
        There was out door pool and of course my other favourite geckos!!  I tried catching them but no luck for me. Lol. The room was pretty basic and I was 18 at the time hiding smoking so I left the room a lot.  We went on a glgass bottom and I got sick it was brutal!  I get car sick sometimes.